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Bike to Work Day Photo Shoot Cast & Crew (Photo by Som Sharma)
Diana Rohini LaVigne —

Anyone Can Participate in Bike to Work Day on May 12, 2011

San Francisco Bay Area’s 17th Annual Bike to Work Day, which will be held on May 12, 2011, aims to motivate non-bike riders and those already cycling to get involved. With bike riding’s many advantages like healthier living, reducing one’s footprint, and an affordable transportation alternative, Bike to Work Day is headed for a significant increase in participation in 2011. Biking to work is a great way to fulfill the requirement of 30+ minutes of physical activity per day needed to stay healthy.

Bike to Work events, presented by and Kaiser Permanente, will take place throughout the month including a Team Bike Challenge and Bike Commuter of the Year Awards. Additionally, local employers are urged to help encourage bike riding as more physically active employees are more alert, healthy and more productive.

“Bike riding benefits not only Bay Area residents’ health but the environment as well,” says Diana Rohini LaVigne, regional producer for Bike to Work Day. “Unfortunately, bike riding comes with misperceptions from what you must wear to being fit before even starting. But biking is for everyone. You don’t need special clothing, you don’t need special equipment, and you don’t need to already be in shape to take up biking. All you need to do is find your motivation and jump on.”

This year’s message is to find your inner motivation and reason to ride a bike and to go for it. It could be anything from reducing stress, losing weight, helping diminish global warming, or having bragging rights at the water cooler on the most distance traveled on a bike. Bike riders come in all different shapes and sizes, and no one should feel limited by their size, attire, equipment or speed. Bike riding is an equalizer and all are accepted. There are activities in all nine counties; Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma.

Andrew Casteel —

For much of a sunny blue Saturday, a swath of downtown San Jose was all about the bike — and about the skateboard, the foot and other nonmotorized forms of transportation. There were families on recumbent bikes tugging kids and dogs in trailers behind them; a group of Mormon missionaries in pressed white shirts riding bikes with bright green, blue and orange rims; and daily bike commuters proudly astride their dusty workhorses.

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energizer stations / tote bag

Hi fellow riders! I heard about this awesome event on KQED earlier this week and had to participate, but I was not aware of the organization behind the event until tonight. Anyway I was running late this morning and had a 10-mile commute ahead of me so when I saw this group of bikers gathering in front of Milpitas city hall, I thought nothing of it. But now I see that was an energizer station and I missed out on a free Bike To Work Day tote bag! :( So bummed... Do you guys have any more of these lying around? I'd like to hang one in my cube at work since I was the only person there who participated and my pansy coworker who said he would ended up not. I live right by the city hall and would be willing to bike the distance to pick one up. Either way, great concept and props to the volunteers and organizers for doing it!

- Rich

San Jose Becomes Cycling Epicenter in May

Andrew Casteel —

Join Mayor Reed and Silicon Valley leaders at a press
conference to announce new information about the upcoming
Bike-To-Work Day (May 13), the returning Amgen Tour of
California Stage 4 Start (May 19) and preview the San Jose
Cycling Classic, a multi-pronged cycling event, May 15-20,
benefiting Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, Fit for Learning
and Team In Training -- produced to celebrate the returning
Tour. Information will also be shared about the Mattson
Technology San Jose ViaVelo -- the first ever car-free "open
streets" event to take place in the South Bay.

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Why so late?

I ride from Los Altos to Milpitas and was very disheartened to see that almost all the of the energizer stations anywhere near my route open so late. Why is that? I think the best and safest time to ride is early in the morning before the heavy commute traffic kicks in. I expected the energizer stations to open at 5:30 or 6am, but itself it seems most open at 7am of later. Don't the organizers realize that people work and need to get to their jobs, and that even if they have the option to ride later in the day it is far less safe to ride then? Sorry to be downer on such a great day, but please consider opening the stations earlier next year. Thanks. Charles.